Six weeks or so ago (seriously??? it’s been that long???) I started a crazy hare-brained artistic pursuit that I couldn’t help but call “The Pratchett Project“. Because I am shit at following through with anything, I thought, “Kat, you know what would be a rad idea? You could blog about it, and that way you’d be accountable to other people and you might actually keep it going!” So far, that’s worked. But let’s not get too excited, because I’m still well and truly on the dry side of the compaction curve (don’t even try and understand that reference, but I’m sure you get the gist).

Now, a strange thing has happened. Contrary to my fear when I started, that I would find it difficult to have enough to say about my process to warrant bothering you all, I’ve actually found that not only do I have a great deal to say, but I also really enjoy this blogging caper. Go figure. And sometimes I disappear for weeks at a time from the Pratchett Project, and I want to just pop up over there and say, “It’s okay, I’m still kickin’; just got other yarns to spin and other stuff to . . . stuff.” And I want to show you all the other cool-ass yarns I”m spinning, and the knitting things I’m attempting to get done, and random other crap that I do. It seems that the blogosphere has taken over my life, in a strange kind of bass-ackwards way.

So here I want to share those other things, the non-PP things, that take up my time and get me so excited that my only reasons to go to bed at night are a) sheer exhaustion and b) so I can get up again the next day and do it all again! My life, when viewed from the outside, seems so boring. I’m just another good little corporate ant-slave, working my butt off for the shareholders and pretendign that my job makes a difference to anyone’s life at all; but when viewed from my side of things, it’s an endlessly exciting, exhilirating ride through texture and colour, sound and smell and taste – and not a small helping of intellectual stimulation too.