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When I first started spinning, back in the dark ages of . . . last August, a lovely crack dealer lady said to me, “Have you spun batts yet?”. Of course, I heard, “Have you spun bat yet?” and looked at her, aghast – how on earth would someone harvest the hair off a bat, for crying out loud? It still amuses me to think of batts as Fur of Bat(t), and now that I’m dabbling in carding my own batts, it feels even more Shakespearean (“Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble! Agnes, have you got that fur of batt? We’re ready for it now…”).

I began carding some extra special batts a couple of days ago, for a surprise parcel to send to someone in another country. I’ve put in dark brown merino fleece I scoured myself, dyed locks of cormo and merino from BohoKnitterChic, a bit of merino and biffle combed top, and loads of fluffy white angora from Wildberry Moon. On reflection, I’ve concluded that she’s probably not the best person to send Fur of Batt to, because I have a strong suspicion she doesn’t like spinning from batts, and prefers combed top. Gee, damn. What a crying shame, I’ll have to keep them for myself.