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I started a jumper (sweater, to the US-types) on the weekend, one that I’ve been sidling up to for months now. It’s the Zylphia Pilots Her Airship, just a pretty lacy three-quarter sleeved number. Bottom-up, in the round.

I had a meltdown when I tried to figure out the lace pattern, finally got it down and had completed three repeats of it and started to worry . . . it was looking huge. Now, I’m not a big girl, but I’m short and curvy, so baggy things make me look hideous. I want a fitted jumper, dammit. The fabric was a lot looser than I wanted, too – the lace was VERY revealing, and I’m not that much of an exhibitionist.

Yes, I did swatch. Yes, it was right.

Yes, I did frog.

Is there any sadder sight at all? But once it was off the needles and was allowed to relax to its natural circumference, I realised I’d definitely done the right thing. It was GIGANTOR. Also, I realised about one repeat in that I’d started on the wrong skein – one of the skeins I got seems to have more yellow-ish green in it than the others, and while it’s still gorgeous and will work in, I didn’t want one sleeve to be in that and one in the greener one, you know? So I started again, on smaller needles to tighten the fabric but the same size in the pattern, hoping against hope that this time it’ll work. I still think I’ll have to order the right size needle and start again.

Oh well, third time’s the charm, isn’t that right?