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For a while there, I was in the habit of giving myself a Mission Of The Week. This was a very successful and accessible way to get All The Things done that solo life requires . . . things like

Mission Of The Week: Get car serviced
Mission Of The Week: Lodge medical insurance claim
Mission Of The Week: Do tax return

That sort of thing, you know?

Well, the week’s nearly over and I’ve already been a good girl and got lots done. I’ll give myself a mission next week. But the weekends are exempt (being that Missions usually require business hours and all) – so what to achieve in the weekend? Well, I’m here and now setting myself a task to build myself a DIY Light Box in which to photograph yarnz and fibrez.

I’ll get a box from the local supermarket, buy some white tissue paper and maybe get a couple of cheap torches for the light sources. I can prop them on . . . well, other things. I’m keen for this because I’m getting increasingly dissatisfied with the photos I’m taking for this blog and the Project – I feel like I owe you guys more, and I’m not doing myself any favours by taking bad photos.

There. I’ll post this now and then I’m committed. Hold me to it, you guys!