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Dammit, I didn’t count on no bloody shop having a suitable box! I am NOT buying a cardboard box! LOL I have the tissue-paper though, so I’m getting there. But sadly, not light-box this weekend. Sorry about that, but I do intend to have one made sooner rather than later. Now I’m just on the lookout for the perfect box . . .

Instead I’ve been knitting – a case for my Kindle out of some amazing spindle-spun art yarn from the lovely Tracy, and the ambitious jumper (sweater) project. One FO, and one WIP.

I’m so loving how this beautiful yarn is knitting. It’s wonderful to handle and the shine of it, the brilliant jewel colours and its squooshiness make it a really high-quality yarn. It’s Sanguine Gryphon Eidos, in case anyone wants to check that out.

I’ve also been spinning, but that’s going to be another post. It was Not A Success, and I’m really miffed about it. Oh well, though, you can’t win ’em all.