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The Tour de Fleece starts on Saturday! Well, I’m not sure exactly what time the cyclists start but the date being bounced around is 2 July, so I’m going with that. In case anyone’s curious, it’s a rather strange phenomenon where worldwide, handspinners pledge and make the effort to spin every day during the Tour de France, working on the motto, “They Spin, We Spin”. There are “teams”, which are based on lots of different factors like what kind of yarn you’re spinning, how much you expect to get done, and where your fibre came from.

So, since I have a level of crazy that astonishes even me, I’ve joined not one or two, but FOUR teams. I shall therefore be spinning fibre from four different vendors (with a few ring-ins because I can’t help myself). For details, see their sites (alphabetically listed!!): BohoknitterchicSpins, Corgi Hill Farm, Crown Mountain Farm and Wildberry Moon. I’m a huge fan of the fibre from all four vendors, and all four are amazingly lovely people, hence I’m now waaaaaay overcommitted!

I’ve been sort of planning which braids and projects I’m going to save up for the TdF for a month or two now. I got the special 4oz batts from Annie at Wildberry Moon – yellow, of course, to match the leader’s jersey. While I was there I “accidentally” (no, really) bought a 4oz-ish bright red batt from her as well, so both those are going to be the representatives from WBM.

Brittany at Bohoknitterchic did a spinalong a while back with a Harry Potter theme, and I’ve only spun half of that fibre, leaving one approx. 3oz batt set that I want to make a boucle yarn with, using variegated purple and rainbow holoshimmer threads along with the spun loop ply.

I started spinning a HUGE batch of Wensleydale top from Klaus at Crown Mountain ages ago, with the intention of making a large floor rug – I’ve got 56oz of that waiting for me (yes, really) so I want to get through all that during the TdF (yes, really).

And last but not least, some of my vast and ridiculous collection of AnnaMarie’s (Corgi Hill) incredibly beautiful work. There are eight braids of hers, in the 4-5oz range, and some of them are to be plied with a couple from a mystery dyer (perhaps Funky Carolina? not sure). Total? 108oz, or about 3kg of fibre.

Wanna see?

3kg of fibre to be spun for TdF

I’ll be tweeting about it as a sort of sanity check during the grand scheme, so look in and see how things are going! The general agreement seems to be that #TdeFleece is the hashtag, and I’m @thorhammer24. See you there!