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It’s not going well, peeps. The merino/yak/silk that I had dyed speshul for me months ago is kicking my arse. I tried it on the wheel and just could not keep it fine enough for what I wanted – and the thing was, it was intended as part of a yarn with two other blends; two braids of each to hopefully end up with similar yardage for plying. But I “wasted” so much of the MYS that that plan had to go out the window. I can hopefully replace it with some merino/possum sliver.

But now I’m spinning the MYS on a support spindle, which I have to admit is going much better. It jus feels slow, and it’s hard on my arms and shoulders. But at least I’m spinning it. I am sorely tempted to just give the other braid away, though. Too hard.

And you know what? It’s the silk. I can’t cope with silk. Any time I’ve come across it I just don’t get along with it. So I’m trading the pure silk I’ve got in my stash, except for some silk top that I’m already hip deep into (ugh). And I won’t be rushing to get blends that are heavy on the silk any more, either.

I wanted TdF to be fun. But it just isn’t. It’s making me hate spinning and I don’t want that.