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Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a month. Two weeks maybe, but a month??!! Sorry, peeps. If anyone is still listening!

I’ve been a bit busy, one could say. I spent almost two weeks in Adelaide at a work-related conference, which was a really fun and worthwhile experience but utterly exhausting. Of course, I came back to Perth and had to immediately lose myself in the work that piled up while I was gone so I’ve been doing a fair bit of overtime lately.

But I’m back at the wheel! And stuff. Next weekend a whole lot of us are going to hang out with Insubordiknit’s Jacey Boggs and learn all sorts of fun stuff – hey, I’m just chuffed at spending two whole days cooped up with thirty-odd spinning wheels and their operators!

I managed to get my registration in for the Perth Royal Show at the very last minute, and so now I’m madly spinning the skeins for the six classes I plan on entering. One or two might not happen, for one reason or another. But I’m very keen to get a few skeins in there and to that end, I spun my novelty yarn entry last night and today. Here it is – what do you think? I adore coils – when I’m skeining the yarn off the bobbin I’m always in fits of giggles because of how the yarn bounces and how it bubbles through my fingers. It looks so heavy and bulky but those coils are just about floating away! The fibre was Falkland from Knitty & Color for the coils, and merino from fibre2go for the core yarn.

Now I’m back to the wheel to spin some Crown Mountain Farms Gotland in the colourway I like to think Klaus named after me – “Hammer of the Gods”! It will be a 2-ply in the 5-ply/sportweight range, I think. Another show entry!