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I finally did it, peeps! A long-ass time ago, I made it my Mission of the Week to build a DIY lightbox for photographing my yarn, fibre and smaller knitting projects. Well, six or seven weeks later, I’ve finally done it. Here’s my process, in pikshers. (Note: I used a Stanley knife, which can be an immensely dangerous object. If you do this little project and use one, take a minute before you start to really focus on how to use it safely.)

Gear and materials all gathered

First, securely tape the bottom of the box

Take 5 - can I do this without lopping extremities off?

Cut out three sides, remove top and bottom flaps

Stick white tissue paper on cut sides, insert white card for "infinity sweep"

Of course, I couldn’t wait to see the result! Here’s a photo of the latest yarn I spun, taken as I’ve always taken them, in diffused sunlight:

Without light box

And here’s the same skein, in the light box!

With light box!

Okay, so I need some practise and should probably get some artificial lights set up as well as using it in daylight, but I’m so happy with it! And proud that I finally managed to tick that job off my list, too. Now, I’m off to organise the fibre stash, coz it’s well and truly out of hand.