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I’ve been working on a weaving project for ages now – probably about a year. I started spinning the yarn for the warp ages ago, a heavy worsted-weight 2-ply in Wensleydale from Crown Mountain Farms. I did a bit of the weft during my abortive attempt at the Tour de Fleece. The weft will be both Wensley in a contrasting colour, and Icelandic in natural grey (beautiful, beautiful fibre!).

But yesterday I hit the wheel hard – sick of the teensy long-draw yarn I’ve been working on, I’ve been alternating with longwools on my other wheel, and I spun 12oz of Wensleydale yesterday. Yes. I spun it all, I wound a plying ball (because I find the Majacraft Aura bobbins so heavy to ply from) and plied the whole 350g skein. In one day. Besides all the other stuff I did as well…I’m feeling like a bit of a machine right now.

Here’s the plying ball. It was getting so big that I nearly had to hold it against my stomach to wind it!

350g (12.5oz) plying ball

The skein is hanging to dry on the clothesline now, in the only bit of nice weather we’ve had in what seems weeks. I’m just a little bit afraid that the yarn I spun is going to be significantly heavier in weight to the other 200g I spun a year ago. I used a single from then as a measure, but it seems to be thicker. I’ll dig it out of the frighteningly huge stash when I’m feeling a bit braver. If it doesn’t match up, then I’ll probably need to make my rug a fair bit smaller…or else include more of the Icelandic as weft than I thought.