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I was reading Judith McKenzie’s book The Intentional Spinner in bed this morning and came across the bit where she mentions that she likes to go into auto-pilot while plying, the better to plan her next project. I confess to doing the same thing, often during spinning as well as plying. At the moment, I’m hip-deep in spinning the remainder of my fibre for Fawkes, a yarn that was intended to be a Pratchett Project iteration but turned out to be not quite right. Instead, I get to finish it and keep it, which is just how I like the situation because I can’t tell you how utterly charmed I am by this yarn! It’s so complex and colourful and SHINY. I’ve got (hopefully) just the one bobbin to spin now, of the yellow fibre in the background of the picture, and then I can ply. Woot!

As you might be able to tell, those bobbins are rather full, of rather fine singles. This represents a frighteningly huge amount of time spent sat at the wheel, tuning out and planning other spinning projects, as the stash in the next room creaks and mutters to itself because I’m certain it has a life of its own these days. I need to spin some of that down!

Thing is, I seem to be unable to plan anything that’s not a 3-ply sockweight yarn. I was plotting today about the second shipment from my Gnomespun fibre club. It’s Rambouillet, in a gorgeous tangerine-ish colourway called “Eos”. I got it and immediately knew I had to card the top into batts, which I then stripped and dizzed into delicious poofy little rovings. It’s been whispering ever so politely and beguilingly to me for a while now, and I really want to experience Rambouillet, not having spun it before. But see, my brain kicked in, and started making colour combinations. I ordered some stunning batts from Annie at Wildberry Moon a while back; a truly inspired combination of greens, blues, purple and rusty tan, and it seemed to me that the Rambo colour would go perfectly with that combination…but wait! There’s the latest two shipments from Klaus at Crown Mountain Farm as well – Debouillet and Heinz57, in a perfect pairing of turquoise and purple! Tell me what you think – do they set one another off nicely or what?

The four colours would look so nice in a beautiful colourwork piece – can you imagine? Something like this?