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Sometimes people tell me that what I do for a living is interesting. Now, I don’t understand why, but, whatever floats your boat. I work for a geotechnical engineering consultancy and my job title is, variously, “Earth Scientist” and “Pretengineer”. I manage the geotechnical concerns for a bunch of earthworks projects in and around the Perth area, as well as a few in more far-flung regions like Karratha, Port Hedland and Broome, and regularly go out to the sites to check on things, help out and advise where I can. Now and then I get someone giving me a hand with smaller, more short-lived projects, and sometimes I even get to go out and see how they’re doing with them.

Like yesterday. It was a nice day, surprisingly, after we had a massive downpour in the early morning. My manager and I drove about fifty kilometres south of the city and did some testing on the ground to see how fast water soaks through it, while alongside us one of my colleagues supervised a backhoe digging some test pits for us. Here’s a photo of the three of us – Bruce, on the left, who was working with the backhoe; Phil is the boss-man on the right (you can tell by how clean and unfaded his pants are!); and the midget in the middle is me!

Left to right: Bruce (Bruiser), me and Phil