It’s November. And that means … NaNoWriMo. All over the world, heretofore quiet, unassuming, seemingly normal people go rather strange for the space of a month, and the prevalence of public use of laptops escalates threefold. (That’s a made-up statistic, by the way.)

Having been chained to not only the laptop, but my job, for some weeks, I had a hankering for my main social outlet – knitting group. On Wednesdays we meet in a pub in the dubious suburb of Midland, and hole up in the “secret squirrel room” out the back in hopes of finding a little peace. We exchange gossip, show off new purchases and projects and Finished Objects (and more often, UnFinished Objects) and have a royally good time.

This Wednesday just gone, I took my new spindle and delicious batt for Show-And-Tell, and met a fellow knitter/Wrimo for a dash for words in said pub. To my chagrin, however, I found that my laptop battery had 26 minutes worth of juice left in it; I cranked out 830 words in that time, which is pretty good going and I was pleased.

But the night was young, and I had no knitting. What to do? By this time, another friend had rocked up and she snapped the below pic of me, repurposing my laptop. Hey – my spindle had stuff on it and I wanted to start on the batt. So shoot me.

Lesson of the day: Laptops make very effective niddy-noddies.

Disclaimer: This post has been laboriously and frustratedly brought to you from my iPhone. All grammatical or spelling errors are a product of this situation.