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For those who have missed it, I’m staying at my parents’ property for Christmas and New Year. Have a look at Mum’s blog for more about Kilcowera Station. After a rather delicious sleep-in this morning (7am! amazing!), I decided to take myself off for a bit of a hike around the paddock in which the Kilcowera homestead lies. This paddock is pretty big by most people’s standards, and was my sister’s and my stomping ground when we were kids. We used to run around totally feral though the bush around here, and we knew it like the back of our hands.

The season right now is fantastic – a little on downhill side, with most things going to seed and not too many flowers out, but lush and green in comparison to the bare, bleak, glary summers I remember from my childhood. So I wanted to show some of the interesting little things that I came across on my walk. Tune out now if you’re not interested in nature and the world around you…(really? isn’t everyone??)

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As a bit more of a treat, I’ve gone to massive lengths to get a video uploaded for you guys. Now, this needs a bit of background. Big mobs of tiny little moths flutter around the bases of the mulga trees when there’s a bit of moisture in the ground. I don’t know exactly what they’re doing – minding their own business, I guess – but to me it looks like they’re dancing. They are the most astonishing colour – grey on the underside but with this incredible sheen of purple-bronze-greyish-blue-silver on the upper side of the wings. I tried to get a photo of them but sadly, they’re too small and they move too fast! So put on some lovely peaceful piano music and watch the little babies dancing…

Click me for moth dancing