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Yeah, I know. I’ve been gone.

Now that we’ve got that over and done with, wanna see what I’ve been up to? I’ve been very productively spinning my stash down, caught up as I am in a whirlwind of spin-alongs, major life change and excitement surrounding a big (and very expensive) adventure later on in the year.

So. I’m in on the fun of a spin-along run by the ever-charming Brittany of BohoKnitterChic fame, themed “True Blood” (yes, I’m something of a fan. Don’t hate on me for it, ‘kay?), along with a whole lovely group of my illustrious and talented Western Australian spinning mates. I got the batt themed for Lafayette, because he’s my favourite character, and two batts in the Queen Sophie theme, because I loved her aesthetic so much and I trusted Brittany to translate that into a beautiful colourway.


Lafayette I spun into an intricately-structured “novelty” yarn, making the most of the beautiful long brightly dyed locks that Bristtany carded in special for me by tail spinning those while I corespun the rest of the batt (wools, firestar, angelina and soy silk, from memory).



I used Jacey Boggs’ “The Awesome” core spinning technique, where you spin two (or more, if you’re crazy) singles in another fibre and corespin your batt over them as you ply. It’s powerful, fun and surprisingly easy to not only do, but do well (despite my struggles with it the first time I tried it).

Because I’d put so much detil into Lafayette, I wanted to do something simple for Sophie, and what could be simpler than a bulky-weight single? Well, those of you reading who do spin as well will know that it’s actually not that easy, so my yarn is pretty thick and thin; nevertheless, I love it to bits. It’s huge and so stupidly soft and I just want to touch it!


I have much more to talk about – spinning and knitting and planning and love and career – but I’ll save it for another day. I just hope someone’s still listening!