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I’ve been spinning now for about eighteen months, and while I’ve been very successful for the most part I must admit to being, in some ways, somewhat cowardly in my approach to my spinning.

I say this because I’ve never been game enough to spin for a specific project – you know, pick a pattern, choose the fibre, spin and wash and knit and wash and block a sample, rinse/repeat if necessary. I’ve always spun the yarn that I saw in the fibre, and almost always loved the result.

Now I feel like I need the challenge of doing the intentional, focused, project-specific spin. I’ve had the project and the fibre chosen in my mind for ages, you see, and there’s this Grand Adventure upon which I’m embarking in September (shhh! Those who know, no telling!) and I’m going to need . . . a hat.

Not just any hat, you understand. Oh no! This one. It captivated me the first time I saw it and I simply had to make one . . . eventually, a friend posted in Ravelry that she was destashing the book, so I snapped it up, and then I walked around it for months and months.

And what of the chosen fibre, I hear you thinking? Ah…’tis a special one, this one. It’s a club batt set from Jazzturtle, and very different from her usual chunky art-yarn fare. Superwash merino, Nylon and cashmere, intended to be a sock batt. It’s called “Poodle Skirt” – I don’t know why but it suits it, right? The two batts are a little different so I dizzed a 2g sample from each one and spun a single, aiming for 22wpi (according to some app or other that told me that…).



The singles were then plied, and the plied yarn then cabled on itself to give a 2×2 cable. After washing and whacking, it’s come out at exactly 10wpi, right in the zone! Now to knit the sample and test my gauge…