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You know I said there was heaps more I had to tell you abut? Well…

What seems like a lifetime ago, I put three lots of fibre together and tried to make a Pratchett Project yarn out of them. I had this vision of where it was going, as an “art yarn” – i.e. an artistic interpretation of a concept, made real in fibre. But the vision and the reality just didn’t quite marry up; the resulting yarn was just too richly complex, too variegated and distracted, to get my point across.

But I loved that little sample I spun, and when I got my ducks lined up and plied the first skein of it, I loved it all the more. The depth of this beauty is indescribable, and I owe it entirely to the craftswomen that brought these beautiful fibres to light – Enchanted Knoll Farm, Eliade, and OldSheep.

Finally, very recently, I finished spinning and plying this yarn. I ended up with 370-odd grams, 1600-odd metres, of a very light fingering weight yarn, and since this is my second-favourite of all the yarn I’ve ever spun, of course I’m itching to cast on. So my girlfriend and I trawled through Ravelry last night, debating the pros and cons of every vaguely attractive option that came up (she’s a very talented knitter and spinner as well – aren’t I lucky?), but there really wasn’t much that grabbed me.


Kylie Gusset recently posted on Twitter about this new app for iPad and iPhone called Raglanify, which purports to generate a simple raglan jumper (sweater to you US types!) pattern using the details of the yarn and the intended wearer. Screenshot?



To make use of this occult magic, though, I had to do a swatch. Of course. But for once it wasn’t hard going because the colours in this yarn are so incredible and it’s such fun to knit that I loved every moment! I settled on 3mm needles, after trying 4mm but not being satisfied with the resulting fabric, and i am super happy with this one. What do you think? See why I love this stuff so much?



Now I need to do all the brave things and cast on and follow through with this baby.