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I just today finished spinning an exciting yarn that I really wanted to show you! It’s a supercoil yarn, where you coil a handspun single around a commercial or handspun plied yarn. It comes out looking nothing like a normal yarn, and they are so fun and wonderful!

I used this beautiful braid of merino/yak fibre, dyed by the ever-charming AnnaMarie at Corgi Hill Farm in the colourway “Shazam”.


I split the braid down the middle, as it was a pretty big one, and then spun the single onto two bobbins on my Ashford Traditional. My wheel choice was driven by the need for easy bobbin wrangling during plying; I’d have loved to spin on my Majacraft Aura but the bobbins are so heavy that plying from them is nothing short of purgatorial.

I also had spun two singles of plain old Ashland Bay merino top, in some plum-ish sort of colour. (Don’t ask me details, come on…). As I intend to keep these for corespinning and coiling, I plied them together onto one bobbin, but instead of plying in the correct, plying direction, I did so in the spinning direction, so the 2-ply already has some opposite twist in it to counteract the over twisting that is almost inevitable in corespinning, and entirely inevitable in supercoils. The result looks like chewed string:


After wrangling with the coil yarn for all of about thirty centimetres, I realised that even with the opposite twist, I was going to end up with a cruelly overtwisted yarn. To prevent this, I wound the chewed string off the bobbin (I didn’t need to detach it from the wheel) onto a toilet roll, and then wound it off the toilet roll onto a drop spindle.

That way, I could release small lengths of the core yarn at a time, and crank the counter twist into it as much as needed as I went along with the coil yarn. I didn’t worry about dangling the spindle – it was too heavy to be comfortable. I just kept about two feet of yarn as the “leader” between spindle and orifice, and rested the spindle on the floor between my feet. Supercoil yarn goes slowly enough that it didn’t slow me down too much more.

And here it is, not quite 14m of yarn, weighing in at 90g. It’s a hefty sucker, with a hand like a heavy rubber gasket or something.


But I love it to bits…and here’s the best bit (for you)…it’s for sale! There will be another one, and when I know the total amount of yarn I will price it, but it will be in the order of $AU50 per skein.