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Okay. A while back, I vaguely recall hinting that I had news to communicate, but that it’d be a few weeks till I could tell you more about it. My tweeps (hashtags are #liebackandthinkoficeland and #savingforicecream ) will have some idea of the big news, of course….

We’re going to Iceland! Yes, my girlfriend and I have now officially paid for this incredibly exciting tour/retreat event in September in this most intriguing of countries, so we’re officially going! See, I’ve got a receipt, that proves it!


We’ve had to be really disciplined in saving all the dollars to get there (as you can see from the receipt!) and we’ve got lots of plans that will need us to be more disciplined yet, so we’re counting on you guys to hold us accountable!

For instance, we want to learn some semblance of Icelandic so that we can speak to the people there in their own language – despite the admirable fact that it seems most Icelandic peeps speak at least some English, it’s only polite, don’t you think, to make the effort? To that end, we’ve bought a book and have some CDs coming to teach us some words. I hope we don’t mangle it too badly – apparently Icelanders don’t take kindly to their language being ridiculed, and we don’t want to offend!

Additionally, I have resolved to knit All The Things in preparation for the trip. Those who know me personally will know that I don’t do well in the cold (so, of course, where do I decide to go??) so I will need all the help I can get! I’ll be showing all my babies off to you as we go – in fact, I’ve just this morning cast off the first Iceland project! I’ll be naming them all after Icelandic things, places, historic figures and events, etc, and the first is inspired by the island of Surtsey (read up so then when the FO is blocked and dry and I post about it, you understand what I’m on about!).

Lastly (for now), we are going to blog about the whole thing as we go. My girlfriend has been designated blogger for that, so when we get it all set up I’ll make sure and link it over here so you can keep up on developments if you so desire.

We are so excited about it, as I’m sure you can understand!