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Again, with the apologies! Okay, done now…and time for a short missive and some promises!

So, this coming weekend, I’m going on a road trip! The Handweavers’, Spinners’ and Dyers’ Guild of Western Australia (yes, it’s a mouthful), of which I’m a member, has been invited to a “spin-in” in lovely windy Augusta, meeting point of the Indian and Southern Oceans. So my lovely friend Rachel and I are going on a road trip.

It’s about a four-hour car journey, so Rachel will have lots of knitting time (I don’t do well with being a passenger – I’ve been one of those life-long carsick types) and hopefully will be willing to photograph lots of nice things along the way so I can share with you. We’ll stay the night down there and have a leisurely journey home, hoping that our respective partners have done all the work for the weekend so we don’t have a rushed Sunday afternoon! (Just kidding, really…)

A spin-in is just a day to mix with other spinning groups. It’s usually catered, in a very basic sense, has stalls selling fibrey-type things, and there are most often competitions, door prizes and the like. I’m looking forward to taking my beautiful giant Wright wheel out for a run – since I got it home, it hasn’t left the house and presides graciously over the spinning wheel corner, ready for me to sit down and work at the art of graceful longdraw.

I have lots to share with you all – I’ve been so busy knitting I hardly have time to spin, and what little time is left over is spent spinning in preference to blogging. But hopefully I will be able to carve some time out in the near future to photograph the beautiful handspun V-neck jumper (sweater for the USians), a quirky cardi that still needs buttons, and the result of my Spinning For A Project attempt.