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So, my dear readers, I have a conundrum today. A while back, I ordered a bulk lot of yarn from an indie dyer, who was thoroughly helpful and lovely throughout my dealings with her. The yarn was duly dyed and she put up a listing on Etsy for me. There wasn’t a photo, but I looked through her feedback and similar listings have super-positive feedback, detailing good dyeing and as-requested colours. So I didn’t push the issue, had faith n her, and dropped the $100 plus on the yarn.

It arrived, and it looks nothing like the colour I thought I was ordering. This photo, taken from her listing (without permission, but in order to protect her identity until I decide what I’m going to do about it), shows what colour I thought I’d get. Even allowing for the fact that it’s a badly lit, out of focus shot, it still shows a dark tealy-petrol colour, right?


This is what I got. Turquoise is a notoriously difficult shade to capture accurately, but this is pretty close to the actual colour, taken in a light-box that was illuminated by strong natural light.


Now, normally, for something of this value, I’d choose to return it, despite the PITA and expense of getting it back to the US. But here’s the kicker – I need this yarn for a project that must be finished by mid-September. This amount of yarn in this weight (bulky) is difficult to get in Perth and none of it is particularly nice, and this colour, while not what I requested, is still pretty. I’m reasonably I can overdye it successfully to make it different from the jumper I JUST finished knitting, but I just wish I didn’t have to. And more than anything, I don’t know what to say in my feedback to the seller.

I don’t know what to do.