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First off, I’d really like to thank all of you who commented on this post and who talked to me on Twitter and in person about this problem. Your reactions helped to validate my own feelings and make me realise I wasn’t being unreasonable.

I’m really pleased to say that after a couple of days of timezone-tennis with the seller, we’ve come to a mutually satisfactory solution. She apologised for the bad-quality photo, I offered some advice on taking photos of yarn, she offered to make good, I expressed admiration for some other yarn, we agreed on a happy discount. So she’s not out of pocket (I mean, who wants to drive indie dyers out of business? Sure as hell not me!) and I’ve got another project in the plannings.

I couldn’t have handled this so sensibly and sensitively if it wasn’t for all of you. You all reminded me of something I learnt with certainty through my own actions last November – that even when it’s hard, being courageous and honest brings the best outcome, often an even better outcome than one could have imagined at the outset. So thank you all so much. There’s more to the story of this lovely yarn, though, so stay tuned for further adventures!!