I just wanted to check in with you all, to let you know I’m still here, still focussed and chugging away on things. I’m knitting on a couple of things but with less urgency than during the Ravelympics (oh yes – I have to show you my finished piece from that, don’t I?!), spinning again and getting quite a bit of that done, and making some changes in life.

For everyone who I haven’t told yet (is there anyone?), I resigned my job last week. I’ve worked in an engineering consultancy for just over five years, and for the last eight months or so it’s made me so miserable. The expectation, the repetitive nature of the work, the rudeness and declining quality of clients…all this has gotten me down and, when I had to have a month off work due to the sheer stress and despondency it was causing, I realised that a change was long overdue.

I set about making job applications (rather a lot of them), and in the end got what looks from here to be something rather ideal. I’ll be starting work at the local “big-box” chain hardware shop, a five minute walk away from my house. It’s a big change – fifty percent pay cut, forsaking all the recognition and status I’ve earned at my current job, and entering the retail industry at the ripe age of 31. But on the upside…lower stress, I get to work with plants, I get a whole new direction in my career, and eventually I will get a whole day a week to spend with my adorable girlfriend and hopefully our friends.

Also, I’m getting a(nother) tattoo. I promise I’ll post pictures, but not until it’s pretty-well done, and that’s a long time away. It’s a Big Damn Piece.

Iceland looms…and then, NaNoWriMo! So much to look forward to!