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All photos in this post copyright Frog Delacroix.

So I meant to post this last weekend, but…well, I didn’t quite make it. So here we are, and I’m hoping I have better luck this time. I’ve been wanting to show you pictures of the jumper I spoke about in this post. So, without further ado, I present…Svartifoss (Black Fall), named for one of the columnar basaltic formations in Iceland. The lines in the cables reminded me of the distinctive, bold basalt columns.

It was a really fun, interesting, engaging and yet easy enough knit, and I’m keen to do it again. I did it in sixteen days, finishing with just an hour or so to go so that it did, in fact, qualify for the Ravellenics. This time, I managed not to end up in hospital with a knitting-related injury, so I’m getting better at it.

It fits really well, the hidden pocket is a marvel of knitted engineering (in fact, the whole thing is) and I’m so pleased with the result of my inexpert overdyeing. I didn’t want another pale turquoise jumper! Instead I’ve got this beautiful multi-dimensional colourway that almost seems to shimmer. I’m really happy with this piece.

Now I just need to knit a hat, some mittens, and a pair of legwarmers, and I’ll feel ready for whatever Iceland can throw at me (volcanoes notwithstanding…please go back to sleep, Katla!).