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Hay fever and allergies abound in Chez KatandFrog. Sleepless nights, sniffles, incessant itching and sneezing and coughing…why do people ike Spring? Will someone remind me?

I cast on with the Surprise yarn yesterday. After much dithering about, stressing about it not being big enough for the baby when winter swings by again, pretending like I’m some sort of actual competent knitter who can fudge numbers and resize things…I decided to just damn well cast on, follow EZ’s instructions (almost) to the letter, and hope for the best.

Less than 24 hours later, this is where I’ve got to. By and large, the destructions haven’t presented too much difficulty so far, but the doozy is coming up (work only the centre ninety stitches for ten rows – does she mean short rows? There’s no mention of them, of wrapping and turning – do I do that? Won’t I end up with some weird pucker-thing going on?). Wish me luck.

Seriously, more than 18000 of these things have been knitted by Ravelry members alone. I’m intelligent. Literate, even. I can do this, right? I mean, Elizabeth Zimmermann was no A.E. Waite, deliberately misleading knitters who hadn’t reached some mystical level of achievement…was she?