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So, less than 48 hours since I cast on, it’s done! Buttons and all! It used 70g of the 133g I had, so there’s not quite enough for a second.

It’s simply darling, and I hope my friend loves it. (I also hope fervently that the baby gets at least one wear out of it!) Aren’t the little square shell buttons perfect?



– decreases: instead of EZ’s “sl1, k2tog, psso”, I used “k2togtbl, sl marker, k2tog”
– increases: I used EZ’s suggested backwards loop for the increases for cuffs and back, but for the corners I preferred kfb
– I combined the final row (knit to end) with the purlwise cast-off, using a k2, sl stitches back to left needle, k2togtbl, *k1, sl stitches back to left needle, k2togtbl*, repeat between *
– I used the cable cast-on and next time, I’ll use something else, as I’m not happy with the way my seams look

Now I’m off to use the remainder of the yarn for a little hat and some bootees! After some spinning, that is…