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with thanks to Frog for taking the action pics

Way back before we left for Iceland, I started a pair of legwarmers. I had hoped to get a pair knitted before we got there, but I totally ran out of time, and instead of going for a quick knit, I decided on something challenging. Colourwork. I loved the free Fair Isle Legwarmers pattern on Ravelry, and used two skeins each of red and variegated green from Annie and Elmo on Etsy (she’s lovely and very helpful). The fibre is described as Peruvian wool. It’s not quite as soft as merino, but still very touchable, and takes dye beautifully, as you see.

I don’t get along with fair-isle/stranded colourwork in the round, so I adapted the pattern to knit it flat by adding a stitch at each side of the chart.

I knit a large portion of them in the Charles De Gaulle airport. I finished the first one and blocked it on the heated floor of our Reykjavik accommodation…then finished the second one while we stayed at the incomparable Langaholt Guesthouse n the Snรฆfellsnes Peninsula. You can see the difference that blocking makes, right?

Seaming and finishing had to wait till we got home, and even then I dragged my feet, lulled by the warm weather and not a little daunted by the thought of seaming fair-isle” I’m good at seaming knitting, but this was a bit of an extra challenge. In the end, I bit the bullet and sat down one night, determined to get them done. I tried mattress stitch…yeah, that went badly. My Principles of Knitting came through with the solution, though – a running stitch seam that perfectly utilised the extra stitch I’d included at either end of the piece just for this reason.

Some crocheted contrast drawstrings and cute little pompoms, and they were done! And on a day just cool enough to get away with wearing them.