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All but the first and last photos are used with kind permission from Frog.

Remember my second dispensation yarn? Well, one skein of it is plied, washed and sat nicely while I took photos of it. I’m not over the moon with how it turned out, unfortunately, as I didn’t put enough corespinning twist into the yarn before I cabled it back against the 2-ply “thread”.

20121027-111739.jpgBut if you don’t look too closely, it’s still a fun yarn and hopefully will get a chance to be made into something fantastic.

20121027-112659.jpgI had a lot of help when I was winding it off the bobbin.


Quality control.

Thankfully, The Maggot left us be while the yarn (Grasshopper) basked languidly in the light tent and I snapped photos of it.