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WARNING: Swearwords. I toned it down for y’all, but a few slipped through. They were most insistent.

I don’t know if you’ve heard of Freecycle. Go on, go look. I’ll wait.

Oh, you’re back already? Ah…no, sorry…that was the last chocolate muffin…I just thought you’d be longer…coughawkward silence

Anyway. I’ve been a member of the Perth chapter for ages. As you can see, if you click on the link, it’s a Yahoo Group. Because, apparently, we’re still living in the early 1990’s. Recently, I tried to sign in to have a look for some canning jars, but was foiled when I couldn’t remember my sodding Yahoo email address. No biggie, I thought – I’ll just join the group again with one of my myriad useless bloody web mail addresses. Clicks “Join This Group!”

20121119-195539.jpg Fine, swell, ohlook, there’s a handy-dandy sign-in-with-Google button. Clicks handy-dandy button.

20121119-195710.jpg Frowns a little in mild annoyance. Really? This shouldn’t be so hard. Okay, fine, if I must. Creates sodding profile.

20121119-195905.jpg Oh, FFS, I’m already bloody signed in! Fine! Clicks button again.

20121119-200036.jpg Huuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrr. Clicks “Sign In”.

20121119-200149.jpg What?? WTH am I supposed to do here??? Well, there’s only one button, it must just be a notification screen or some bloody thing. Clicks “Close”.

20121119-200326.jpg Ah no. No. YOU ARE FUCKING SHITTING ME.

I’ve done this, like, twenty times, people. I realise this post isn’t my usual high-falutin’, well-written literary masterpiece, and the swearing is a little rich, but seriously. Can I get a little sympathy? I just want to bloody Freecycle!!!!