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photos by Frog

You know how sometimes you just run up against something that it seems everyone else can do, and for some reason you just…can’t?

For me, that’s felting. Well, there’re a few other things too, like accounting and playing poker, but I have no desire to do either of those things. Felting, on the other hand, is a really useful skill if you’re already a fibre artist, but despite all the dire warnings about washing my precious handspun, hand-knitted items, felting has eluded me.

Until now. Finally, I’ve felted something. Deliberately, even. And it’s a useful something! An oven mitt! I had an old bought one, cotton, with some dodgy polyfill crap in the middle, and it wore out and Frog and I kept burning ourselves. So I decided to do something about that, and made a wonderful, working oven mitt out of scraps of handspun. There was some that was mine, and some that someone else had spun, but it was all handspun.

I started it off with the green at the wrist, but didn’t like the way it was coming out. I ripped it out (I’m becoming good at the zen of ripping as it applies to the process of making something you’re really happy with) and started again with the purple at the wrist, moving to the maroon, red, orange, to the yellow and finishing with the green at the tips. I’m quite pleased with the balance of the green at the fingers and thumb tips.

The different fibres felted differently, too, which was interesting. The merino, spun from top, that made up the bulk of the top of the mitt, where you want the most protection, felted up nice and tight, while the apple-red “New England Blend” (from roving) was more relaxed and gave a jaunty flare to the bottom of the mitt. More merino towards the very end ensure a nice secure finish. All in all, I’m super happy with the result and now I want to try again. It’ll be a doorstop next time.