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I’ve lived in Perth for about eight years, I think. Maybe nine? A long time, anyhow. I came over here with exactly one largish bag of things, and for a long time after I got here I moved regularly; in fact, I’ve lived in seven places here in Perth. The most recent move, to where I live now, occurred nearly four years ago.

Yes. Half of my time in this city had been in this one house. Now, my point, really, is about Stuff. I didn’t have much when I came here, but I hit the ground running, I worked hard, and fast forward to now and, well, The Stuff is piling up. I’m comfortable, and it has begun to show. I decided that it was time to have a Purge.

Five things from every room, at a minimum, I set myself, and last weekend I stuck to that. Some rooms were hard, like the living room, while others were easy. I found things I had forgotten I owned (seriously? bobby pins? What am I going to do with those?) and liberated myself from things that’d been hanging over my head for years, like the braids of ripped-up sheets I planned to make into a rug and just never did. It was quite a haul.

I feel better.