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Recently, I had a week off work, to celebrate my birthday (thank you) and hopefully get some more of my planned entries for the Royal Show prepared. One of the biggest tasks set for the week, however, was the spreading out of five cubic metres of compost we had delivered. *ahem* Before shots…



We spread it not only on the two established vegetable garden beds and the long strip by the driveway, but also on three new beds we had planned, where we’d poisoned the buffalo grass. There’s one by the western fence, gaining a little shade from the asbestos sheeting as well as the neighbour’s structures. Another, we laid out under the odd lean-to trellis on the western side of the house, and a third curving around the edge of the lemon tree’s canopy – hence the aforementioned need to prune back the lemon tree, whose branches laid along the ground.


We had to spread the work over two days, and work in between the ghastly weather’s worse turns. It’s done now, though, and our lovely neighbours even got the leftovers for their roses. Seeds have been sown – pumpkin and zucchini and cucumber, tomato and eggplant and tomatillo, snake and broad beans and celery and lettuce and more besides. None have popped their heads up yet, but it won’t be long now…