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Warning: Some links in the following post may lead to offensive content. Actually, it’s not so much “may” as “do”. Proceed with caution.

…use the sun to make your food!

After a bit of an involved process, we managed to get ourselves a solar oven – something I’ve been wanting to buy or build for a long time now. This one came to us courtesy of the Rainbow Power Company and it’s the coolest thing! The size and shape of a large, awkwardly-proportioned briefcase, and done up in a brilliant red with a stylised sun glyph on the case, it’s a fun thing to have around.

See the condensation dripping on the cooking pans? It gets surprisingly hot even on a cool winter day.

Yes, that is steam rising off the veggies. And yes, that onion was good enough to eat on its own. With a spoon.

It being winter and all, there hasn’t been much in the way of climatic opportunity for us to get right into it. But we did give it a go to make some roast vegetable soup one a rare sunny day. It works a treat, and now we get to learn how best to use it and make the most of the coming summer. Not having to spark up the oven on a hot day in summer will be great, especially considering that our oven is munted (definition number 5 here) and the door doesn’t shut, there’s only one speed and it barely fits a cupful of sesame seeds in. So we have high hopes for the wonderful solar oven!