You know how there are some things in life that are thresholds, rites of passage, achievements unlocked, things after which you have crossed into a new state of being, usually one to which you’ve been aspiring for some time? For me, knitting has one of those things. Yep, just one. I’ve knit a lace jumper (sweater), colourwork legwarmers, felted handspun, I’ve knit complex beaded lace and diddly art yarn and churned out sweaters like they’re cups of tea…but I wasn’t a Real Knitter. Not in my mind.


But as of last night, I feel justified in counting myself among those elevated ranks, because as of last night I finished my First Pair Of Socks. Those ones up there. They’re knit out of Knitter’s Brewing Sockaholic, in Fuzzy Navel (the above photo shows the colour very well), which I have to say needs some work. My first attempt to use this yarn years ago failed when it turned out to be splitty and really underplied; this time around, I took some extra time and put it through my spinning wheel, putting in some more plying twist. It worked really well and the yarn came out much more durable and easy to knit with.


The pattern is Lady Tryamour Socks, by Sivia Harding, from The Knitter’s Book of Socks by The Nicest Knitter In the World Clara Parkes. It wasn’t a hard pattern till I got to the cuffs, and then it presented some serious challenges, but only because I am was a n00b. And now I have my fifth pair of handknitted socks, made by me!


These socks were brought to you by the kind assistance provided by Frog during knitting, by her happily modelling for me, and also by Sivia and Clara in writing the pattern and book. Thank you, ladies.