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The world got a little darker this week, and that light going out served to rebuke me for keeping my light, such as it is, under a bushel. In case you’ve missed my updates, it’s not that I’ve been idle – it’s just that recording my exploits, and letting others know about them, have not been priorities for me. But now I feel that approach has been wrong. It fosters in me a numbness, a kind of amnesia, and now I think I need to think and share, and hopefully interact with people who are interested in what I’m doing.

It’s not about publicising myself, though that’s not to say I don’t appreciate this being read by each and every one of you. It’s about holding myself accountable for the moments that whip past me, faster and faster the more of them there are behind me, and cramming as much as I can into those moments, since I’m lucky enough to have them.

Maybe I’m a crappy artist, but isn’t it important that I go on making art?

I’m far from the fastest runner out there, but if I let that stop me then I’d never run, would I?

Maybe I kill plants (and they’re all on my conscience, don’t you worry) but that just means I need to me more conscious of keeping the ones I have alive.

So what if no one else eats the food I make? If it’s delicious to me and making it nourishes me body and soul, then it’s worth my time and my presence, my attention, in the moment.

Enough marking time. It’s already so late, and those moments are accelerating. If you’re coming, hang on for the ride.