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Well, not really. I became an auntie just before Christmas. My sister and brother in law found out early what they were having but kept it to themselves…I figured I had a pretty good idea, though, when I offered to send her the Strawberry Set I made for the Perth Royal Show and she said an enthusiastic “Yes!”

I’m not really one for strongly gendered baby things, I must say. (Those of you that know me will, I’m sure, be utterly shocked by this revelation.*) My sister’s a pretty hands-dirty, practical, no-nonsense type so while I figured she wasn’t going to be one to insist that everything be either pink or blue, I was also glad to conclude that it was likely a girl, because I had the perfect yarn for a baby blanket. It’s very pink.

Up close and personal

Up close and personal


One of two monster skeins

It’s so pink that I called it The SuperPink, and I’ve had it laying around now for ages because I was lazy and made a 4-ply when I should have made a cabled yarn, and therefore I ended up with a rubbery rope that didn’t like to be knit up at all. I’d swatched all sorts of projects with it (I had a heck of a lot of yarn, about 600g, spun from stunningly dyed BFL from Corgi Hill Farm) and hated the way it knit up.

I thought I’d give it a go, though, at this baby blanket gig. I did some hand-waving-type knitting maths, came up with a stitch count and simple lattice cable stitch pattern, cast on three times (how long does it take before one gets to be a good enough knitter that you nail the cast-on the first go?) and now I’m one skein down. It’s shaping up to be a very nice blanket.

The trouble is, the beautiful little monster to whom I am an auntie was a Surprise Boy. Yep, sometimes they get it wrong, folks.

So now it’s not a baby blanket, it’s a throw, and it’s intended for us here at our new (to us) home. I’ve even found the most darling flannelette to use for backing. Now if only the weather would cool down enough for me to work on this monster of a thing.

It's actually fun to knit

It’s actually fun to knit

*Alert: Dry humour ahoy.