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I had my last trail race of the summer series yesterday morning. It was a bit miserable for the first half, with a nasty case of runners’ trots followed by a cantankerous left calf and then wrenching my right big toe (that last happens relatively frequently, and usually comes good after a while). After the halfway point, though, at 5K or so, I overcame most of the unpleasantness, and with just the left calf twinging at me I picked up the pace and had a lot of fun.

Yesterday afternoon I discovered I couldn’t walk. The cantankerous calf had upgraded to belligerent. Of course, I began prodding at the spot and when I found that the slightest pressure caused alarming pain, I figured I might get myself looked at. The sawbones prodded it, I squealed, he mumbled something about having torn some muscle I’d never heard of, and then he gave me three days off after I told him I typically walk 7-10km in the course of a workday. A ultrasound today revealed that the aforementioned muscle (the plantaris) isn’t the issue, but rather the “proximal aspect of the medial gastrocnemius”. There’s a wee tear. I’ve torn a f@&$ing muscle.

So now I’m under house arrest, and while one part of me (the homebody part) is quite gleeful, most of me is struggling.

I’ll get sooo much knitting done!!: I’ve done one measly round today.
I can bake some more biscuits!!: I’ve done no such thing and suspect that doing so might be detrimental to my health – my habit of EATING ALL OF THE THINGS is fine when I’m running lots, but baked goods being available non-stop when I’m sedentary will set my training back even further than it will be already.
I don’t have to drag my arse out to run!: I can’t run! (Cue inconsolable sobbing)
It’s my left leg, which means I can still spin!!: the wheel’s just too hard to move from its hidey-hole when I’m crippled.
I know! Soup will make me better! Perfect excuse for impromptu soup!!: I spilled the soup. On myself. Seriously – you just can’t take me anywhere.

The current verdict is two to six weeks off running, which will suck especially at the far end of that. I’m confident that it won’t be that long but in the meantime, I’m trying to do everything right.

And stay the bloody hell out of the kitchen.